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Connecting Orbi RBK753S (AX4200) to Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener

I'm creating this post to for those who cannot get their Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener to connect with a NetGear Orbi mesh router (mine: RBK753S/AX4200 purchased at Costco).  I spent many days following all the threads and no solution worked.  I was using a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone and following all the steps you find here:  https://support.chamberlaingroup.com/s/article/How-to-connect-MyQ-Wi-Fi-garage-door-opener-to-WiFi-h... I always got the "cannot connect to wireless network".  I then tried following posts that said "disconnect from AX" or "reduce power on 5GHz network" or "change port range to 2347".  None of it worked


However, I finally determined that the I must have a problem with either Android (unlikely), 2.4GHz MyQ v. 5GHz phone radio, or something else.  So I pulled out my old laptop (which was sure to be using only 2.4GHz) and connected it to the Chamberlain/MyQ wireless and did the set-up process using my laptop and Firefox web browser. 


1. Turn on (reset) Chambnerlain/MyQ by hold black button garage door until all the lights go off (maybe 5-7 sec).  Push yellow button 3 times.  Now the black button flashes blue and you hear a beep.  It's ready.

2. Connect my laptop to the MyQ wireless network  (something like "MyQe8a" - can't recall).  Connecting MyQ to the laptop

3. Type "setup.myqdevice.com" into a browser window.  I used Firefox. 

4. Ta-da!  The image below.  Then followed the steps to pick my Orbi wireless network name, enter my password, and then I was done.  I didn't have to change any settings on Orbi or pick a specific 2.4 or 5GHz network (which you can't do anyway)


BOTTOM LINE:  You just might need to find a compatible 2.4GHz device to help you connect the 2.4GHz Chamberlain/MyQ.  Just try multiple devices.  Maybe older = better.


Start page using laptop browserStart page using laptop browser


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