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Orbi app require 2FA from my old email address

I just updated the Orbi APP on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPad Pro 11 2020. ( iOS 14.2.1 and iPadOS 14.2)

The app requires me to login again, I changed my Netgear login email address few months ago since my old email address no longer accessible. I have been able to login Netgear account with new email address without any problem


But since yesterday I updated the Orbi APP, it requires me to login again but after login it requires to receive any email code for 2FA but it will only send to my old email address. I googled a bit and seems that Netgear advise to change the 2FA setting in netgear.com under manage profile but I checked multiple times that under "manage profile" does not have 2FA option, I checked everywhere netgear.com obrilogin.com...etc no where I can change 2FA setting. 


What can I do now? I cannot login Orbi APP. Thanks 

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