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Carrier Infinity Touch Thermostat won't connect to Orbi RBK852 (AX6000) WiFi

I just replaced my Orbi RBK50 system with a new WiFi 6 Orbi RBK852 (AX6000) mesh system at my home.  I kept the same WiFi network SSID and password from the RBK50 and all of my devices successfully attached to my new RBK852 system.  All but one device: Carrier Infinity Touch Thermostat (Model SYSTXCCITC01-A).


This is an older smart thermostat that's been installed at my home for just over four years.  I had no problems connecting the thermostat wirelessly to my old Orbi RBK50 system over the past year, but it would not connect to the RBK852.


After much online searching, I found a posting on the Netgear Community: How do I connect my PlayStation 4 to my Orbi WiFi 6 System?


This worked for me!  Summary: change the CTS/RTS Threshold values to 2347 for both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless settings.

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