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slow and unreliable connection from SRR60/SRS60

Hi everyone,


I have an Orbi Pro SRR60 and two SRS60 satellites. I have never been able to set a wireless configuration that's even close to being consistent and reliable.

My connection is a 1GB/sec fibre connection, connected to a switch, with the SRR60 connected to a port on the switch. SRR is set to AP mode, since I need some router-specific features from my fibre box.


Ethernet connection gets me 900 to 950MB/sec no problem. No matter what wireless device I use I can't get more than about 150MB/sec. 


Worse is devices connected to WiFi regularly lose connection. A phone or tablet regularly reports 'no internet connection". I have to turn WiFi off and back on again to get a connection. Also I have three Google Home devices that lose connection and have to be rebooted on average every week or so. There's a total of around 15 devices connected to the WiFi network.

Currently I have:

20/40 MHz Coexistence

WMM (on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz)

Daisy Chain off

Beamforming on


Access Control on

Channel 11 for 2.4Ghz and 36+40+44+48(P) for 5Ghz. Very little neighbor traffic on those channels. Second and third wireless SSIDs are turned off.


All devices are running firmware

Netgear Orbi Pro web app shows "Good" or "Fair" connections for all devices. 


My house is around 5,000 sq. ft across 3 floors. Thick concrete throughout. SRR is on the top floor, first SRS is on the ground floor and shows a good signal from the Netgear Orbi Pro web app. I've been experimenting with placement for the second SRS, without much change to speed/reliability.

I've been playing with settings and SRS positions, on and off, for about 4 months. Nothing seems to work. I close to the point of writing off this (to me) expensive purchase and buying an alternative. 

Hope I've given you enough info to go on. Any help from you guys would be extremely welcome and appreciated.

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