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Orbi Pro WiFi 6 AX6000 terrible AC range and performance

I've been fighting with the new SXK80 system "NETGEAR Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Tri-Band Mesh System (SXK80)" for the last few days.


tl;dr - I'm returning it today.


I still have an RBK53 system that blows the SXK80 out of the water when it comes to 802.11ac.


For comparison:


My Apple TV 4K could only achieve between 12-28Mbps  with 200ms latency and 230ms jitter on the 5G band AC protocol when connected to the SXR80. Placing the RBR50 in the exact same spot as the SXR80, my Apple TV gets 51Mbps with 40ms latency and .78ms jitter.


Similar results with other devices on the AC band. Placing the SXS80 satellite in exactly the same place as my RBS50 satellite, I only get a fair connection.


With the RBS50 to RBR50 I get a strong connection, and devices connected to the satellite perform about 98% of the level of those connected to the RBR50.


I can't believe the terrible AC signal, high latency and low throughput of these "Pro" devices.

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