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Router loses internet connection every few hours. Clicking 'test connection' restores it

As the title says, we are losing our entire internet connection every few hours. I can still log into the modem and router when this occurs and once in the router I click on Internet -> (Internet Setup) and ckicl the 'Test' button, and after the progress bar fills up connection is restored.


The router is a brand new RAX70, but this was also happening on my X10 just a few months back. We thought that maybe we were hitting the device limit with the X10 (~35 devices, but 15 of those are IoT things), so I bought the RAX70. I hooked that up on Feb 20th and everything has been fine since, until two days ago when the same, exact behavior started with this one. Our modem is a NETGEAR Nighthawk CM1150V, and our ISP is Comcast/Xfinity. The modem seems to be fine as well, with nothing that stands out in the logs. Both devices have the latest firmware as of 3.29.21. I've called Comcast several times and they see nothing wrong in their end, however if I walk through their automated system it says something along the lines of, "based on the errors that we are seeing we'd like to reset your modem, press 1 to reset..." but when I talk to a human they've never explained why the automated system says that there are errors.


Anyhow, this is a super annoying situation since I'm still WFH and will be for at least the rest of this year.

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