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Orbi 753 unencrypted 5ghz network even though WPA2 security is turned on

Hi Everyone,

I have searched through the forum and seen other people have similar issues but briefly

1) RBK753, satellites setup with ethernet backhaul

2) from day 1, i would see messages about unsecure network depending on where I was in the house.

3) Logged into each satellite and see that the 5ghz band show no security, see below security type none

4) Have completely done a factory reset of router/satellites and tried from scratch but have the same problem

5) Someone had suggested in older models, the ability to telnet into the satellites and fix the security there via command line but looks like telnet capabilites are no longer an option to toggle on from the debug.htm page

6) Lastly, i find it interesting that the satellites show the default Orbi SSID name


Any ideas ?

Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 11.16.17 AM.png

Who Me Too'd this topic