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RAX120-100NAS Slow speeds



I just replaced My Asus AX11000 with a RAX120-100NAS.  So far so good.. But honestly disapointed in the wifi speeds.  Coverage is great.  


I am using a Samsung S21 Ultra.


MY isp is in bridge mode like i had it set up with the Asus.  I rebooted and set up with RAX120-100NAS .  Right next to the router I am pulling speeds the same as hardwire.

1gig down and 25up.. 30ft back its drops to 200mbps down and 10up.  I go downstairs and its even worse.  I rebooted my phone and router and same difference.  So i set up the Asus and tested again and at all locations there is a dramatic difference in speeds.  Like 200 to 300mbps difference.  


Routers in same location.. Hard wire is fine.


I tried sepereating the bands no differences, turned QOS off and put it on the 160hz...


am i missing anything?

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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