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GS108v2 warranty and blinking lights

I have a GS108v2 Prosafe unmanaged switch. Had it since 2006 and it's worked great. Recently when ethernet cables are put in all of the lights blink at once and no traffic can go across the switch. In looking for a solution, other times this has come up people said to go the Netgear guided assistance. I have tried in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and the assitant won't work. It hangs after entering in the switch information. Going to my netgear says any support I have to pay for, by phone only, and the hardware warranty is over. From the documentation I have, I thought it was lifetime on these switches. From the documentation on the website it says lifetime warranty. The power supply is good an works on other GS108v2 switches. So, is the lifetime warranty still valid? Can I use it without paying for it? Thanks for any help. 

Model: GS108v2|Gigabit Switches
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