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SXR80 Can’t Obtain IP Reliably After Power Cycle

I just purchased the Orbi Pro SXK80 (comprised of the SXR80 and a single SXS80). Since I have owned it, I have been doing work on the house and have had to flip the breaker at least once a day.

This router hasn’t successfully recovered from a power-down on its own a single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME it gets stuck with the magenta LED. I have had sporadic results with powering down the modem for at least 10 seconds, and waiting 2-5 minutes after the modem is up before powering on the SXR80. Many times I can’t get that to work either. This is ridiculous - I’ve never had a router fail to come back up after shutdown, let alone one that retails for 2-3x any of my previous routers.

I contacted support one of these times and after an hour on the phone, our 5th power cycle attempt worked. We of course mashed on a couple buttons along the way (releasing & renewing leases, making sure MAC was default and DHCP was enabled, etc.). We even did an exercise where we did a loop back test which really made this thing cook (couldn’t hold a signal for long than a minute or two). My case number for that exchange was 44576041.

My modem is an Arris SB8200 cable modem. Current firmware version in the SXR80 is

Hoping that this last ditch effort here will reveal the secret to getting this thing to work, otherwise i’ll be seeking a replacement or heading elsewhere.
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