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Nighthawk AX6 6-Stream AX5200 Router Loses Wifi Configuration Settings

On two separate occasions, my router has had a problem where the internet crashes, and the router loses it's configuration settings. The first time a power outage triggered the issue. The second time I don't believe there was a power outage, but I just woke up to no internet.


Both times, I manually powered the router off, then on. This restored the wired connections, but the wifi did not come back. The first time, I think I was able to log in through a wired computer and re-enter the SSID and password, eventually restoring from a backup configuration. The second time, I was unable to log in via my wired computer (even though it had internet, it kept going to netgear troubleshooting pages telling me "not connected to wifi network"), and was forced to factory-reset the router and then restore from a backup.

I am just past the free support window 😞


I am hoping this is a setting or firmware issue, though I believe this should have alonger warranty (than free service period). Any advice, or things to try would be appreciated.



Who Me Too'd this topic