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CM2000 Modem: blinking downstream light

Hello. I am using a Nighthawk CM2000 router (which, BTW, is not a listed model for the model dropdown) connected to a Nighthawk AX4 router. Periodically the downstream light on the modem starts blinking white ("modem is scanning for a downstream channel"), and the only way to get it to stop blinking and stay on steadily is to restart the modem. The thing is, though, even while the light is blinking the WiFi connection seems to be unaffected. In fact it is blinking now while I'm online here and typing this message. I even ran a Speedtest.net test while the light was blinking and got some of the fastest speeds I have so far obtained with this router (see below). My question is, can I safely ignore this blinking light, or should I reboot the modem every time it happens? Thanks all!





Who Me Too'd this topic