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Re: Help with OpenVPN Client on Windows 10

There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Download a different OpenVPN Client.  The specific application OpenVPN Connect Client supports only tun connections.  There is other software from OpenVPN that does support tap connections on Windows 10.  (It's the word "Connect". There is another OpenVPN Client that is just OpenVPN Client.)
    On Windows 10, I use the tunXten software which supports both tap and tun.  (I like the ability to switch between VPN hosts better with tunXten than with OpenVPN Connect Client. - but that's just my opinion.)
  • If you want to use OpenVPN Connect Client, change the ovpn file in two ways,
    1) change "tap" to "tun"
    2) dhange the port number from 12974 to 12973
    These changes tell OpenVPN Connect Client to use tun (which works)


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