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Nighthawk App shows C7000v2 Firmware "Out of Date"

I have the C7000v2 WiFi Cable Modem Router and the Nighthawk app on my iPHONE.  


When I login to the app on the iPhone, I get the message "Firmware Out of Date" and the app will not run.  I contacted Spectrum (my ISP), and they rebooted the modem saying that would ensure that the firmware was up to date.  The firmware version is V1.02.09.  This is unchanged from before the reboot.  Also it is the current version as listed by Netgear on its website.  So it appears that the firmware is, in fact, up to date, and the problem is an incorrect indication by the Nighthawk app.  The app is Version, which is the one currently available at the Apple App Store.


As far as I can tell, everything else is working:  Internet connection, WiFi, and the information on the router webpage all OK.  So not a serious problem, as I can get most of the same information by logging on to the router.   But it would be convenient  to have the app working and not giving what appears to be incorrect information about the C7000v2 firmware.


Has anyone else encountered this?

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