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RAX200 Wifi disconnects once a week

I am very disappointed with this expensive router. I thought I was buying state of the art, the batman of the home routers wenn I bought the RAX200 Nighthawk router, but it keeps disconnecting the wifi, loses connection and requires a reboot around once a week in my case. It is the most expensive and most unrealiable router I have owned in the last 20 plus years. Firmware is up to date: V1.0.5.126_1.0.65.


The Netgear support ist also the worst I ever got (actually I never got ahold of anybody with knowledge and when I did call - once- the Chinese speaker did not understand what my problem was and kept repeating the same thing like a broken record. Not helpful at all).


I have read plenty of posts here that talk about the same problem so this is really a design flaw, not repaired by simply changing the hardware. Anyway: does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?


I guess I will have to put this $500 paperweight in the trash.

Model: RAX200|Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router
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