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Major issues with SXK30 & VLANs

I am pretty sure I have discovered an undocumented design flaw / bug in the new SXK30 system. In summary: if the system is used in access point mode and the satellite & router are connected through WiFi backhaul, one of the wireless interfaces must be assigned VLAN1.



  1. The SXR30 (router) is set to access point mode and is connected to a pfSense firewall through a 802.1q capable managed switch (Netgear GS308T). Another AP before the Orbi was connected to this firewall-switch setup and was working without issues. Moreover, the firewall settings and VLAN set-up of the switch have been audited and validated several times so I am pretty confident here is no issue with them.
  2. The SXR30 (router) is connected to the SXS30 (satellite) through Wi-Fi backhaul as an ethernet backhaul link is unfortunately not possible.
  3. All 4 Wireless networks are enabled and have "VLAN Profile" enabled. Wireless 2, 3 & the Guest Wireless use the default VLAN profile (20, 30 & 40 respectively). Wireless 1 works mostly fine with the default VLAN1, but as soon as I set it to anything else, all hell breaks loose (see below).


  1. As soon as I set Wireless 1 to any VLAN other than the default VLAN1 all kinds of trouble starts. Clients an all networks randomly lose connectivity, I randomly cannot connect to the router and/or the satellite and there are even random packet floods, which block access of other devices, connected by LAN directly to the firewall & switch. It seems that one of the Wireless interfaces MUST be assigned to VLAN1, otherwise the router cannot sync with the satellite and all hell breaks loose.
  2. There are random disconnects on clients connected to the network through the SXR30 or SXS30, even with Wireless 1 being assigned VLAN1. Weirdly and importantly: the clients do no disconnect from the WiFi, but still cannot access other devices on the network. A ping shows all packets being dropped.
  3. It seems that often the only way to get the satellite properly functioning after changing a setting is to hard reset it, using the hardware reset button on the back.

The VLAN issue in mesh mode is NOT documented in the SXK30's manual. Moreover, the router's settings UI allows the setting to be carried out without any warning or notice.


Generally the system seems pretty unstable, unresponsive and slow. If more than 1 setting is changed on the router in a row, the whole system becomes slow and unstable and has to be rebooted. Often the only way to get the satellite to function normally again is to hard reset it.


Does anyone else here own an SXK30 system? Has anyone had these issues?


Thanks in advance!

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