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r7000 attached devices list missing connected devices

Many connected devices are missing from the attached devices list in both the router admin page and the android nighthawk app with the 2 most recent firmares 1.011.126 and 1.011.128. Firmware 1.011.116 will correctly show all of my attached devices that numbers from the mid teens to the mid 20s typically. With firmwares 1.011.126 and 1.011.128, it will show a higher number of connected devices on the home screen for the basic tab, but will show only 3-5 connected devices when you navigate to the attached devices page. The same thing happens on the nighthawk android app. 

I rolled the firmware back to1.011.116 and it resolved the problem. I tried once more installing firmwares 1.011.126 and 1.011.128. The problem of all my connected devices not showing up recurred. I once again rolled back the firmware to 1.011.116, and it resolved the problem. I also double checked that devices not showing up on the attached devices list, with firmwares 1.011.126 and 1.011.128, did indeed have an active and functioning wifi connection to the router. 


In short firmwares 1.011.126 and 1.011.128 have a bug with not listing all of the attached devices in the router admin page and the nighthawk android app. 

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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