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Impossible to use premium features: Smart Parental Controls App Error on Activation ("SPC-ACT-FAIL")

I just purchased the premium plan for the "Smart Parental Control" app. I’m trying to use this on a newish iPhone and when I go to "Unlock Premium" I am taken to a SPC Activation screen to set up. The app goes through about 60 seconds of "setting up..." until I get a fatal error. The message says "Smart Parental Control activation is failed.Please try it again, or dismiss this message and try it later (code: SPC-ACT-FAIL)." 


I have attempted over the course of several days to set this up with the same error. I have rebooted my router and modem several times. I also downgraded to the previous firmware version as suggested by someone on chat support. Nothing is working.



Model: RAX200|Nighthawk Tri-band AX12 12-Stream Wi-Fi 6 Router
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