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Some devices lose wifi after a day and then won't reconnect



help smart folks - random wifi issues impating only a couple of devices that lose wifi after a while and don't reconnect...


I have a RBR750 and 2x RBS750 satelittes in a large 5 bed house.


Firmware is: V4.6.3.16_2.0.51


My issue is that I have two devices that will connect to wifi once the router is rebooted, however after a day or so, the wifi drops for them and they can't connect to the wifi - they can't even see the wifi network once this happens - it's like it is invisible. The easiest way to get them back online is reboot the orbi system via the admin console and they connect automatically again without any issues and they work perfectly for a while. However once again they will stay connected happily for a day or two then lose wifi and then get stuck offline again. And the pattern repeats again with having to reboot the orbi to get these 2 devices back online... Super frustrating...


The 2 devices are:

- An old HP pc with 2.4ghz only wifi adapter

- A Rainbird wifi enabled home irrigation system (LNK wifi module) - also a 2.4ghz only device

- When they are connected, signal strenth at both devices good (and not weak). 

- I have only had the orbi for 1 month and think this issue has been occuring the whole time...

- The location of my router, and devices in question has not moved in years and worked fine my prior crappy ISP provided wifi/router.

- All the while all my other devices (~15 devices) are connected on the same wifi and working happily as normal....

- The settings in the orbi are pretty much standard out of the box settings and I've not screwed around with them (yet).


Any words of wisond? I'm not sure if I'm looking at at firmware issue, setting issue, or something else. I'm also withinin my first 90 days.





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