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Re: MR60/MS60 -- Router will not see and sync with satellites

I had the same issue. I updated the firmware on my sattelites (Nighthawk MS60) and the LED on one sattelite would continue to blink white like it was trying to connect to the MR60 main router. The blinking never stopped and I couldn't see the sattelite connection anywyhere. I found instructions on how to update the firmware for NETGEAR routers using TFTP. I downloaded the latest firmware from the MS60 support page and then I followed these instructions exactly:




This will allow you to reinstall firmware to your router directly, not using the app or routerlogin.net, since they were unable to see the sattelite in the first place.


I installed the latest firmware on to the sattelite again and it worked again instantly. Once it was done rebooting, it searched for the MR60 and flashed white, turned amber for a couple of minutes, then finally settled on solid blue. Success!


I hope this helps anyone else with this issue. It seems like this isn't uncommon for the firmware update to soft brick these sattelites. Netgear wasn't exactly helpful either with their $50 or more support paywall.

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