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Armor Renewal Process is BROKEN!

I've tried for weeks to renew my Armor subscription, both on my desktop and on my cell phone's Orbi App.  Always grinds and then says "billing information could not be verified".  I have tried 3 different credit cards, multiple times each.  In the beginning, my credit card was dinged for a $.01 transaction each time I tried.  Now, it doesn't even do that.


I've talked to Netgear and submitted 2 or 3 tickets, and all they do is send me the instructions for renewal, which are the EXACT instructions I'm telling them "they don't work!!!!!".  Similar to calling AAA come out to fix a flat tire, and all they do is roll up and say "hey, you've got a flat tire; we'll watch you figure out how to change it."


Although I would like to renew at the ever-changing discount rates they're sending me for the first year, I've decided I'm not going work so hard to hand over my money to them.  If they can't understand how to answer customer easy questions and collect my money, then I suspect the Armor product is really not that great either.

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