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R6400v2 Ethernet good wifi bad

I have always had this issue with my AC1750 but I'd love for it to work better like it should.  I pay for 300mbs from ISP, and I know 300 comes out of the wall.  There is little to no loss from wall to modem to router.  If I connect a computer to the router via ethernet cable, I get my 300 (or very close to it).  If I connect to WIFI however, speeds range between 200 and 15.  I can be within 10 feet staring at the router and obtain these slow speeds.  It doesn't matter what device I'm using, speeds always vary greatly.  WIFI scanners show no other devices on the same channel.  I have done a factory reset (several times), haven't changed any settings from default, and it doesn't change anything.  Why can't I get the speeds off WIFI that I can from ethernet on the same router?  I completely understand SOME loss over wifi but I'm losing typically 200 mpbs within a few feet of the router with no obstructions.  I appreciate any help!

Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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