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Re: Latest update bug: R6400 Firmware DNS issue (V1.0.1.74_1.0.48)

It's apparent that since the DNS problem arose, subsequent and unrelated updates have made the router(s) even worse. In fact, I think Netgear is imploding as we speak.


“Way to go Disney! I have disabled automatic updates because the last update from Netgear slowed my router down so much. I had to downgrade to a much older version that did not include the armour guard application to get my full isp speed back. I am afraid that this new patch will come with the same application that I had to get rid of that slowed down my router. Maybe it is time for a new wifi 6 router from a different company.”
“the same issue with the 6400v2 downgraded the firmware which helped get more speed but ultimately bought a new router the Rax50 to keep up with the speeds much happier now.”

Source: PCMag comments / Netgear forum


I do however have a solution to my issue; I bought a non-Netgear branded router. Are you looking for a router with stability, performance and industry standard updates that don't break the the product altogether? Look no further.

Buy anything but Netgear today. Special thanks to @olympos1625 for logging in the forum every day and ignoring everyone while having the time to respond to new threads. I hope everyone else gets a working router sometime soon because this is verging on class action territory when the product isn't end of life. Oh, how the mighty fall.

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Who Me Too'd this solution