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Device not connecting to closest satellite

Last week I bought AX6000  (AX6000 Tri-band) with 2 satellites to replace my Google Wifi as I upgraded my bandwidth to 1Gbps and wanted to take advantage of WiFi 6 higher. 


Hardware VersionRBR850
Firmware VersionV4.6.3.16_2.0.51


I live in a 2 story home that is roughly 200 square metres and I have the router on the ground level and 2 satellites upstairs (about 15-20metre away from the satellite).

I am now getting devices that are in the bedroom that are within 4metres of the Satellite connecting to the router downstairs and giving download speeds up to 50Mbps, though when it is connected to the satellite it test at 500Mbps+.


It seems random as initially it connected to the closed satellite and now even with reboots to both device and satellite, I can't get it to connect to it.


The challenge is that if the performance was good for Netflix and other streaming services when connected to main router then I dont have a problem (not great but can live with it); but the performance is not great.


The confifiguration options on the advanced Wifi are really limited to (same for 2.4G and 5G):


CTS/RTS Threshold (1-2347): 64

Preamble Mode: Automatic

Transmit Power Control: 100%


I don't want to reduce the transmit power on the main router as I need good coverage downstairs.


I never had an issue with the Google Wifi mesh and it just worked and I hope that someone here has good experience and can help provide some insights to make it work.

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