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WPA3 not working on 6GHz in Windows 11

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I have a Nighthawk AXE11000(RAXE500) router with firmware version V1.0.7.68_2.0.35, and four PCs with Intel AX210 WiFi 6E adapters. Prior to Windows 11, I was using the 22.50 drivers from Intel as they allowed Windows 10 to connect to the 6GHz band using the Enhanced Open security option(I added MAC address filtering for extra security). Windows 11(and soon Windows 10 21H2) introduced Hash2Element support which is supposed to make WPA3 Personal security work on the 6GHz band. Now that all of my PCs are upgraded to Windows 11, I updated the WiFi drivers to the latest version( and tried enabling WPA3. When I do that, the PCs can't hold onto the connection for more than a couple of minutes. I can immediately reconnect, though I have to re-enter the password, and it drops again within minutes. I've since switched back to Enhanced Open, and they can once again hold a connection on the 6GHz band just fine. On the 5GHz band, they can hold a connection with WPA2 just fine. I can't use WPA3, because there is no "WPA2 + WPA3" option like on my previous Nighthawk router(I really HATE that the option to allow both was taken away), and I have some devices that have trouble connecting on that band if I enable WPA3 only.


I do not know if this is a problem with the Netgear router, the Intel WiFi adapter, or with Windows itself. I intend to contact all three support departments, and I fully expect a round robin of finger pointing. But I'm going to keep pestering until this issue is resolved. Has anyone else been experiencing something similar?

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