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XR1000 Constant Issues

Alright, lets start this by saying this router is absolutely miserable in terms of performance and just every other aspect. I cannot beleive I paid this much money for something that is just down-right a scam of a product with almost no updates to fix simple things. Now, lets start with a couple things I desperately need help with. 


1. What is wrong with the geographical region changing to Sheridan Washington even though the location has nothing to do with this area at all. I tested directly into my ONT and shows a perfect location although as soon as I use the XR1000 it results to this and even though it shows I have 30ms ping, let me tell you it is incorrect and every task takes an extra .5-1 second to register. I live in Clearwater, Florida by the way & nothing in the router has anything to do with Sheridan at all 


2. Traffic Priority can literally break a game and cause it to be highly unplayable over a simple setting. can anyone recommend a good option for warzone Traffic Prioritization on PC to possibly help with this?


3. uPnP does not work and does not display any open ports or anything and has been unclickable for awhile now. Any information on a fix for this because I have seen this around for a while now.


4. Who in there right mind decided that if the router is simply unplugged that it will cause every last aspect of the router to just seemingly revert. I mean, I notice as soon as it is unplugged suddenly the system becomes unstable after turning back on. I can't tell you how many times I had to factory reset this thing to fix these types of problems. 


5. Can we expect any sort of updates anytime soon to fix some of the problems that have been plaguing this $300+ "high-end" router or can I at least submit a refund request or something because I cannot believe what I paid for. 

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