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Nighthawk App not showing Connected Device

I have an MK83 System with an MR80 Router and 2 MS80 Satelites. I noticed with the latest Netgear Firmware ( the router/satellites do not report the correct connected devices. All wired (regardless if wired to the satellites) only show up under the router; and the satellites show no connected devices at all (neither wired or wireless).  I have confirmed from the Web GUI that each appliance reports the connected devices correctly. 


I have tried several troubleshooting steps from rebooting, erasing and starting completely over several times, reinstalling the latest firmware, ensure APP and IOS are up to date.  This seems to be a common issue with others as well. 


I did roll back the firmware from to what it came with (and was reporting in the app correctly) and the app was reporting correctly.  However, with the MR80 there is no way from the Web GUI (IP interface) to disable automatic updates; thus overnight i would find the next morning the firmware would auto update to and the app would then incorrectly report. 


Is there an update to a fix with a new firmware in sight? Alternatively, why are we not given the ability to disable automatic updates on the Nighthawk Mesh like other Netgear Mesh's allow? 

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