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False "Not Connected"

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64

Netgear router WNDR3400v3

Router firmware version:  V1.0.1.42_1.0.68

Router GUI version:  V1.0.1.24_2.1.28.1


When I logged in to the GUI to update the firmware, I noticed that the status was "Not Connected".  Having just downloaded the ZIP file of the firmware, I knew that was not true. 


I installed the new firmware, which involved an automatic reboot of the router.  The status remained "Not Connected".  However, an application that uses the Internet showed a good connection.  I manually disconnected my PC from the router and reconnected.  I still get "Not Connected".  However, I am posting this through a connection via that router. 


Also, the indicator lights on both the router and my non-Netgear modem both indicate I am indeed connected.  The router is only one year old. 

Model: WNDR3400v3|N600 Wireless Dual Band Router
Who Me Too'd this topic