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Nighthawk MR5200 (M5) - We need your feedback!

Good day Nighthawk Community,


I'm reaching out to you today in hopes of soliciting your help. If anyone is experiencing any issues with the Nighthawk MR5200 (M5) Mobile Hotspot we want to hear from you. We have had a very small handful of reports from around the globe of issues with the following:


  • Issues connecting to the cellular 4G or 5G network
  • Hotspot randomly rebooting
  • Cellular/WiFi connection drops randomly


We are unable to replicate any of these issue but take this feedback very seriously. If you're experiencing any of these issues please feel free to post the details by replying to this topic and I'll ensure it gets passed along to our engineering team.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 


Kind Regards,


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