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Issue to have ORBI app detecting my installed ORBI network

Hello Community,


** As requested, I'm opening a dedicated thread for my issue **


I have an issue to have ORBI app detecting my installed ORBI network.


My ORBI network is working just fine. I have access to the web console of the routeur using a web browser.

But, when installing the Android ORBI app, the installation of the app works fine but not the setup.

I'm stopped at an early step when the app tries to detect the ORBI network.

It ends up with the error saying that my ORBI network cannot be detected.

Except that I'm connected to the ORBI network and having acces to Internet. Smiley Happy


Here are some further information :

- Installed firmware = NETGEAR Orbi

- Smartphone used = Google Pixel 5

- There's no other ORBI network around.

- I unactivated mobile data on the smartphone to be sure to used ONLY Orbi WiFi LAN connection.

- Connection to web admin interface works just fine.

- ORBI routeur (RBR750) is connected to my ISP box. ISP box has its own IP range and ORBI router is declared in DMZ on the ISP box. Then, ORBI router has its own IP range.


Any idea ? Thanks.


Kind regards,

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