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RBR50 with StarLink


I'm new to the forum so thanks in advance for pearls of wisdom from the collective . . .


I am in the process of installing and setting up the new version 2 (rectangular dish) StarLink satellite internet system.  This system includes a wireless only router and a separate Ethernet Adapter to provide an Ethernet port.  The very latest version of the phone app provides a new feature to "Bypass StarLink Wireless Router" thus preventing any potential Double NAT issues.  This feature disables not only the StarLink wireless on the router but it also disables use of the StarLink phone app since the app communicates directly with the StarLink router.  This is problematic as there are several beneficial features in the app such as usage reports and speed tests.  By the way, the StarLink Router remains powered up and connected as it provides power to the StarLink dish for articulation movement, dish heating and statistic reporting.  


Viewing several online videos it is clear that connecting the Orbi is a simple matter of running a cable from the Ethernet Adapter to the Orbi's Internet (WAN) port.  Also, since I need additional hardwire ports, I'll run a cable from one of Orbi's Ethernet ports to a Switch.


Additional research has revealed that use of the StarLink phone app can be restored by creating a Static Route within the Orbi router.  I've studied the Orbi User Manual and I am confused as to what gets input to each of the Static Route setup boxes.  The StarLink information I've found says to, "create a static route to route (the StarLink dish IP address) to WAN1 of the switch."  The user providing this information is going directly into a UDM Pro Switch which I assume has more than one WAN port so that is why they specify to WAN1.


On the Orbi side, the User Manual on page 75 suggests that the Orbi's WAN (Gateway) IP address is  However, when opening the Orbi's setup app and selecting the "Advanced" tab I see conflicting information.  In the Router Information Box I see an IP Address of and in the Internet Port box I see an IP Address of 99.196.X.X (X is hiding actual numbers).


So, please help with correct Static Route field inputs:

Destination IP Address - - - assume this is the StarLink IP Address?

IP Subnet Mask - - - assume this is

Gateway IP Address - - - assume this is the Orbi IP Address but which one???

Metric - - - assume this will be 2?


Additional clarification please:

I assume the Orbi has firewall protection to the three Ethernet ports.  I haven't setup Netgear Armor but will.  If I connect a basic 8-port Switch to an Orbi Ethernet port will the firewall protection pass through to all the ports on the Switch?  Or, do I need to get an upgraded Switch that provides this capability?



p.s  Sorry for all the extraneous details but thought it would help future Orbi/StarLink readers.           

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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