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Orbi cert error all websites

Hi there! I have an Orbi system (router + 2 sats) that has been working well for years. Router FW is V2.7.3.22, and nothing shows as available to upgrade. 


Internet connection shows that it is working as well. 


An apple tv that is hardwired to the router is working. 


All wireless devices are getting cert errors regardless of platform (Win 10 pro, Win 11 pro, macos, ios)




Subject: www . routerlogin . net

Issuer:  www . routerlogin . net 

Expires on: Jan 6, 2031

Current date: Feb 18, 2022


****Spaces added by me so it didn't show up as HTML


I cannot click through this to allow the cert as valid


This is an intermittent error that I am seeing across my entire house / various devices. 


Some Google-fu show that routerlogin.net is owned by netgear so I'm not sure what I can do.


Thoughts? We are still WFH so this is a major impact (tethered to my phone right now). 



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