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Re: Lost web access to Orbi router - RBR750

For me...(regarding firmware V4.6.5.8):


  • Router interface isn't accessible via the app (router not discovered).
  • I've tried every web browser you can think of...web interface not accessible.
  • Router is on (no double NAT issue. This problem didn't appear until latest firmware update).
  • Rebooted the router, etc. no luck.
  • Network scanning utility shows the IP addresses of the satellites. I can connect to them via web browser using their IP address and view their interfaces. Satellites show to have connection to the router still and also show devices connected to them.

I can ping the router just fine. It also shows up using a network scanning utility (just like the satellites do). Internet is working just fine, but there's simply no access to the router interface any longer through a web browser or though the Orbi app.


Has to be something with the firmware for this to affect 2 completely different Orbi routers on 2 completely different networks that both had firmware updated today.

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