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Insight no longer connects to devices

Hello. I am so angry right now at Netgear. I can tell you I wont buy another product from them after this user experience. 


I have two WAX610 devices. They have worked great for 1 year. My subscription expired to Insight, so I renewed it on May 5th. 

Now Insight won't connect to the devices. They devices are running, and working just fine, with full internet. But Insight says my network is down and I can no longer manage my devices. I've restarted them manually, and still, no luck.


It seems I can't contact Netgear support unless I buy a huge contract to support my devices. Here is where I am so angry - I just paid for a subscription service to manage my devices, and after I paid, it broke. But I get no support. So they just took my money and ran.


So here I am, getting screwed by Netgear. I'm about to call my credit card company and just issue a charegeback. 


Anyways, how in the heck do you think I can get Insignt to connect to my devices again? I don't have time to reset everything and re-setup all the SSIDs, etc. I just need it to work again with ease.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Who Me Too'd this topic