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Re: RBR850 We can't find your Orbi

**Updated 5/25/2022 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time


Hello Orbi Family! 


Thank you all so very much for sharing your experience with us! As previously mentioned, based on the feedback we received after deploying the first patch to a select group of customers, we learned that we had an opportunity to improve the next interaction of the patch. I am happy to say we have tested this patch internally and start to roll it out to those of you who have already submitted your serial numbers. This group includes those that were in the first round so that your Device List and Armor services will be restored without any intervention on your side.


Update: If you've private messaged me and have not received a response, I promise I'm not ignoring you! 😉 As you can imagine, I have received quite a lot of messages. To ensure the patch is pushed out to as many of you as possible, I am focusing on grabbing the information and getting it in the hands that need it to push the update. 


Update: We have begun to roll out this patch in a phased approach. Several of you should have received the patch overnight. You can check to see if you're system received the patch by going to http://orbilogin.net/debug.htm  and confirming the SeAL value shows -2. If you are unable to access this page it means the router has not received the patch. If you've submitted your serial number to me on or before 6 PM last night 5/24/2022, please restart your system by unplugging it and plugging it back in and wait approximately 5 minutes after the router is fully restarted and check again. We have heard a second restart has proven more successful if the router was affected by this issue.


For more information please visit: NETGEAR is rolling out a fix for an issue affecting the Orbi RBK85x and RBK75x Series Mesh Systems. 


Please note: the satellites do not need to be updated at this time and may show on a different firmware version. This is expected.


Please continue to add the results of your experience with this issue so we can look into this further if needed. If this is a new issue after being able to access the router settings please create a new topic for better visibility. Thank you!


Best Regards to All,



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