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C6300v2 AC1750 Comcast claims it's incompatible

Comcast is now claiming our wifi router is incompatible with our current internet plan ("incompatible based on filters," whatever that means). Such that we aren't taking full advantage of our internet speeds. They say we should buy a new one from them. I think they are full of it and just want to squeeze some money out of us. But I want to be sure. How can I can test this? They claim our wired speeds are "up to 369 Mbps" and have no data on our wifi download speeds. We only use wifi. Not wired.
Their newer models have wired speeds of 2.37Gbps and
DOCSIS Channels
16 down x 4 up
32 down x 8 up
DOCSIS Version
My internet speed plan:
Blast!® Internet Plan
Download speeds: up to 600 Mbps
Upload speeds: up to 20 Mbps
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