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Replaced GS724Tv4 with GS728TXP and AirPrint Will No Longer Work



I had a working configuration with IGMP snooping enabled per directions found in the forum. All mdns functions on the network were working. Yesterday I replaced my GS724Tv4 with a GS728TXP running firmware


I configured IGMP Snooping, Querier and router as I have always. Airprint is no longer working on wired printers connected to this switch.


I have 3 WAC510 Access points connected to a MS510TXUP. The MS510TXUP is connected via SFP+ to the GS728TXP. The network is configured just like I had it when AirPrint was working the only change is the GS724Tv4 was replaced with a GS728TXP.


Is there an issue with IGMP snooping on the GS728TXP and current firmware?

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