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Netgear Armor (Bitdefender) installed on mobile devices not being recognized (or detected)

Orbi RBK853 mesh with V4.6.9.11_2.3.5 firmware

Netgear Bitdefender installed and operational


Recently gave my son a hand me down phone (Pixel 5, Android 13) and I installed Armor on his phone via the link from the Netgear Armor/Bitdefender app.  App installs fine, and it says it's running and protecting his phone.


Yet when I go to my Orbi app (Pixel 6 Pro, Android 13), and either in Security tab (to view protected devices) or Devices and view his phone, it states that Bitdefender Security isn't installed on his phone.  I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it by resending the link from the Armor app, and same results.  It doesn't recognize that Bitdefender is already installed, activated, and operational on his phone.


No issues with other mobile devices in the household (iPads, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 6).  It's just my son's particular phone that Armor thinks isn't installed even though it is.  Any ideas?

Who Me Too'd this topic