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WAX630E Firmware Update Fail

Over the weekend, I updated firmware on all four of our Access Points. Two were successful. Two Failed.

The error message, "Device failed to connect back" is displayed.

The firmware version on the update is 

Looking at the Insight app, all four of the access points say they now have the same firmware version, with a green checkmark beside them.

However two of the devices are offline.

Using the Insight app, I tried rebooting them, but they say they are not online, so I can't.

When I click the Troubleshoot icon, it says that is only available for online devices. Brilliant. So helpful.

The web app is no help either.

Contact support? Nope. site says I can either review documentation or ask the community.

The manual is no help. 


So here I am.

You would think this kind of thing would be documented clearly.


What am I supposed to do to get these two devices back online

Please help!





Who Me Too'd this topic