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GS324TP S350 SFP Port deactivates after 30 seconds to 2 hours

Dear Community,


I have a Netgear GS324TP in use as main switch for my home. It is running fine for two years now.


Recently I have switched my router to a Ubiqity Dreambox Pro and connected the switch via SFP Port. For about 1 Month this setup worked just fine.

However two days ago the link between the Router and the switch went down the first time. After Restarting the switch the setup worked fine for about 18 hours, then the connection went down again. After restarting the switch the connection now works between 30 seconds to about 2 hours. I have not identified any pattern that makes the switch go down.

For debugging purposes I disconnected every port on the switch and also on the router and only connected the router and the switch via SFP cable. The connection is still deactivated after a short time.


In the port overview the port (25) is shown as "D-deaktiviert" (German) probably "D-deactivated" in englisch.


In the log I have found the following entry that protocolls the deactivation, however I do not know what is meant by exceeding the rate limit and how I can prevent it:


<14> Oct 2 01:46:10 DOT1S[dot1s_timer_tas]: dot1s_control.c(1598) 2178 %% INFO Rate limit of 15 for 3 consecutive seconds has been exceeded on port g25
<12> Oct 2 01:46:10 DOT1S[dot1s_timer_tas]: dot1s_ih.c(2010) 2177 %% WARN Diagnostically disabling interface g25 as rate limit of 15 for 3 consecutive seconds has been exceeded



I have tried the following to resolve the issue without luck:

- using the other SFP port 26

- resetting to factory settings

- using an old firmware image


Do you have any idea what might be the issue?


Kind regards





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