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Alert email messages won't send


I had a (brief) mains power failure on my ReadyNAS 626X running 6.10.8, since then no status emails have been sent. Can't say I'm impressed with my UPS, but that is another matter...


I have tried deleted and re-entering my email alert configuration but when trying to send a test message I get the the error message "Alert message failed to send" and the error code 1001000022.


I have tried re "upgrading" the firmware to 6.10.8, hoping that would reset whichever (invisible) setting has become corrupted, but that had no effect


Has anybody got any ideas of what to try next?

a) Where can I look up error code 1001000022?

b) Is there a lower-level log file I can check?


Thanks for reading.

Who Me Too'd this topic