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RBS350 satellites lose sync with RBR750

Hello all,


I am having issues with my brand new Orbi system.  I have a RBS750 router and two RBS350 satellites.  The satellites will not maintain a good backhaul sync status.  I have tried resetting the router and satellites and they will show a good status for a period of time and then change to out of sync.  


A secondary effect of this I believe is that when the satellites go out of sync they no longer use the same wifi channel as the router.  This is causing an issue with me trying to set up some new cameras I have. The cameras have a limited channel range they will accept and since the satellites are out of sync and using a high channel number (157) the cameras will not connect to the satellites.  


What would cause the satellites to not maintain a good sync status with the router?Satelites one in sync.PNGsatellites out of sync.PNG


Thank you

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