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RBR960 device limits on IoT?

Are there any concurrent device limits on the IoT network on the new RBR960? The spec sheet states the mesh system can handle 200 devices, but I am having challenges connecting all of my IoT devices to the router simultaneously. That 200 figure is also not broken down by main network vs guest network vs IoT network.


I have the router and two satellites, which should theoretically cover 9,000 sq ft, placed strategically around my roughly 6,000 sq ft home. My home has about 150-175 connected devices at any given time with about 30 of those being wired devices. I am specifically having trouble connecting 94 recessed lights on the perimeter of my home simultaneously to the IoT network. I haven't tried connecting these to the main network yet, as that would be a pretty heavy lift to update the wi-fi settings on all of these devices. I have the IoT network broadcasting in 2.4ghz only as the majority of these IoT devices are 2.4ghz only. The 94 recessed lights I am having trouble with are definitely 2.4ghz only. 


I was thinking about putting my older RB850 mesh system (router with 4 satellites) into AP mode and connecting them to my new RB960 system for added coverage, but I am not sure that the wi-fi signal extending outside is the problem. On the 5ghz and my iPhone is getting 175mbps down at about 60 feet outside of my house. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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