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R7000 AC1900 daily no internet connection


As a follow-up to the same problems Before Corona time It's Bingo again, same problems as before.


All possible causes of the loss of network problems have been discussed with my provider Ziggo, but it is not their fault. Until I noticed that the DNS addresses are automatically adjusted in my router every day, the R7000 can no longer be set to factory default by means of the reset button.

Only after I turned the router off and on, i was able to reset to factory default and I did NOT restore the backup, which also brought the problem with it again.

So again i have set manually the settings, like port forwarding etc etc. used again and now it seems more stable.


Will there ever be a solution for this (due to a firmware update or something like that) or is it always and daily reset to factory default??


Your response/replying please,

Ben Ros




Who Me Too'd this topic