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NETGEAR will be terminating ReadyCLOUD - Lack of notice

Sounds like this is EOL:


"NETGEAR will be terminating ReadyCLOUD service by April 4th, 2023. ReadyCLOUD mobile app, desktop application, and ReadyCLOUD web portal readycloud.netgear.com will all be terminated by April 4th, 2023. After that date, you can continue to access locally your ReadyNAS, or access locally the USB drive connected to the routers, but remote access won’t be available."


Not only is this very very frustrating to see the product being canned like this.  The communication has been non-existent at best.


By chance I logged into the readycloud site and got the notice just now.  How come there is no email?  How come the app that will go dead doesn't show anything.  How come there is no notice on the site when you're not logged in.  It seems to be the lowest effort to check the EOL box.

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