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SMS Alerts Issue

I just purchased and set up a new LM1300 LTE Modem (Note: The forum would not accept LM1300 for the associated products field, perhaps the newer model isn't updated in that pick list yet?).


It works exactly as expected. However, one thing I am finding is that the SMS alerts are not being received, despite the configuration looking correct to send on failover and other notable events from the device.


I am in the US, and my format is normally (area code) (7-digits), but I have also tried it with 1 (area code) (7 digits), and sending to two different numbers I have, and both are not receiving the text alerts.


I've looked and there seems to be no firmware updates for the LM1300 at present, so I'm not sure how to go about troubleshooting this further.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Who Me Too'd this topic