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XR700 DumaOS 3.3 Beta participation



Tried to sign up on the Netduma forums, but for some reason sing up process doesn't send confirmation email.

Also tried to send message to netduma team via contact form without receiving anything back. So I am trying to reach you guys here 🙂


Based on everything that I have read on both forums, I assume that you guys (and girls) working at Netduma are understaffed. So I would like to be able to help you in testing the 3.3beta release on my newly purchased XR700.


I think that Idea behind NetdumaOs is really great, but the execution on bringing new releases has been not so great. I also think that users here in the forums could be great asset for helping you with that. Just create a template for submitting bug reports and give us a clear indication what is being worked on and the progress update should be atleast weekly (maybe a trello board).


If you could open up a bit and harness the power of community I think DumaOs can still be a successful product for gamers out there.


So could you please add me to the Netduma forum and to XR700 beta.


Best regards,


Harri Viitamäki




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