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I think the the CM1200 has fallen off their list

With Comcast anything is possible… I think the the CM1200 has fallen off their list. I’ve been struggling to get connection back to where it was. While they say everything looks fine on their end and the cable tv works fine I’ve got devices struggling to maintain connection. My router was old so they recommended updating that along with new coax cables. I did all that and new splitter too along with an RAXE300 router. Things still aren’t working right so I’m wondering if it’s the modem that I just bough my 1 year ago.

The connection is there but Netflix is pixelated and slow to get up to 4k crispness, Xbox struggles with ipV6, nat etc but will connect after going to advance settings (delay with the network numbers loading) look normal, play ok but shows broken connection test results with high packet loss, no upload result etc. On the Xfinity account page it does have an alert about the modem not being found but not sure if that’s just because it’s 3rd party and not one of their devices.

At a loss and need to get NETGEAR support at this point. ???

Who Me Too'd this topic