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Noticed it 3 days ago

I am having the exact same problem.  Noticed it 3 days ago.

When I successfully login to I am redirected to https://accounts-qa.netgear.com/error?redirectUrl=http:%2F%2F192.168.1.1%2Fgenie_redirect_SSO.htm&serial_num=5G.... 

When I disconnect from the internet, I can login to just fine


Looking at the web traffic I see JavaScript code redirecting from to https://accounts-qa.netgear.com/error?redirectUrl=http:%2F%2F192.168.1.1%2Fgenie_redirect_SSO.htm&serial_num=5G.... 

I disabled JavaScript and I login but then I just get a blank screen.


Very frustrating



Who Me Too'd this topic