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Netgear WiFi router/modem combo PLEASE HELP!!!

I am in serious need of a new modem/router combo ASAP, DOCSIS 3.1, either dual or tri band, for WiFi 6+ 6E to be able to handle up to 1G with capability to transition and handle WiFi 7 (firmware?). Also must be compatible with Xfinity


I use Xfinity "Gigabyte Extra" service (advertised as 1200/200, reality 500/650 up/50 down). I do not live in an area that has been upgraded to the "Next Gen Network".


Ive been looking at the Arris Surfboard G54 ($599) capable of handling speeds up to 1G, the Nighthawk AX2700, and the Nighthawk CAX30 and CAX80


Can anyone make a recommendation based on my specs?? Greatly appreciate any advice and direction!!



Who Me Too'd this topic